Friday, September 22, 2023

The new website is live!

The creation of the website is a practical message of cooperation between the three olive-producing countries (Greece, Italy, Spain) and extroversion towards the rest of the world, from Tokyo to New York and from Oslo to Cape Town.

These three countries are the greatest exporters of olive oil  and table olive so that, written in English, will be the most valid voice  informing the rest of the world on issues that mainly concern consumers such as Health, Gastronomy, Agritourism, Environment, Science, Economy- Markets.

Participants in this effort are Vassilis Zampounis (Olive and Olive Oil magazine,, Greece who had the initiative and therefore took over as president of the OlivaeNews Network), Alberto Grimelli (Teatro Naturale, Italy) and Juan Vilar (Juanvilar Consultores Estratégicos, Spain). This venture is open to cooperation with other Media from other olive producing countries.

Olive oil constitutes only 1.25% of the global production and consumption of oils and fats, hence this is the objective basis of the unity of the olive producing countries beyond any competition between them. But the table olive is also a unique product, which valuable characteristics should be promoted everywhere. The purpose of is to provide valid information in order to increase the global consumption of olive products.

From November 22, 2022, will try to spread the world and highlight our “national products”, olive oil and table olives.

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