Monday, December 11, 2023

Sensory and chemical evaluation by UC Davis

The UC Davis Olive Center http//wwwolivecenterucdavisedu is now accepting olive oil samples for both sensory and chemical evaluation
The Chemistry Laboratory provides analysis of various olive oil compounds, and is the only laboratory in the United States providing the DAGs and PPP tests The laboratory is supervised by Dr Selina Wang, Research Director of the UC Davis Olive Center and Dr Dirk Holstege, Director of the UC Davis Analytical Laboratory The sensory panel is supervised by Sue Langstaff

For a full list of tests, please visit the UC Davis Analytical Lab http//anlabucdavisedu/olives website

View a Sample Report http//olivecenterucdavisedu/services/taste-panel/Fee20for20service20sample20reportpdf
Learn more about our services raquo http//anlabucdavisedu/olives

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