Saturday, May 21, 2022

Campesterol European position prevailed

Despite the absence of the International Olive Council IOC from the last session of Codex Alimentarius in Malaysia, the demand of Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and USA to raise the limit for campesterol in olive oil from 4 to 48 percent wasnrsquot accepted

Although there were fierce disagreements the European Unionrsquos represented by SANCO position prevailed, so the question of whether the limit of campesterol should be raised or not wonrsquot be discussed again until the next Codex Alimentarius meeting in 2015The presence of campesterol can indicate the presence of seed oils and can be used to detect adulteration

It should be noted the as far as the limit of linoleic acid is concerned it is decided that each country is allowed to set its own limit The decision was pushed by the same countries and was taken during the previous Codex Alimentarius session

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