Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The Scientific Society of Olive Encyclopaedists (4E) celebrates World Olive Day

The Scientific Society of Olive Encyclopaedists (4E) celebrates the beginning of the new 2023/24 olive growing season, and World Olive Day, dedicated to the vital role and irreplaceable contribution of women.

For this purpose, the 4E Board has decided to honor five Greek female individuals who have
made significant contributions to the improvement of the olive- and olive oil-producing
sector, and to promoting the value of olive and olive oil in the Mediterranean Diet, health
and culture.

This year, ”World Olive Oil Day“ finds not only olive oil, but also table olives, in Greece and internationally, at a very critical crossroad. For the second consecutive year, the great
reduction in production is creating a strong imbalance between supply and demand, with
the first visible consequence being the unprecedented surge in producer prices, and
therefore consumer prices.

However, no price increase can compensate for a producer’s lost income due to reduced production, while it inevitably results in a decrease in consumption and substitution by other vegetable oils.

4E makes an appeal in two directions:

Firstly, to all those involved in the agri-food chain to safeguard cooperation between them in order to minimise losses in the income of oil producers and the level of consumption. It is also essential that the media present this unprecedented and highly complex reality in an objective and calm manner.

Secondly, to the world community of oil-producing countries, and in particular those in its cradle, the Mediterranean Sea, to strengthen cooperation between them.
Olive oil accounts for less than 1.5% of world production of fats and oils and this is a strong argument for unity and cooperation between those who produce and market it on the international market.

The scientific community has much to offer in these two directions, particularly on topical issues such as defense against climate change and the healthy nutritional properties of olive oil and table olives.

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