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Greek Olive Oil News Site Resumes Outreach to 200 Countries

The only wide-ranging English-language website devoted to Greek olive oil news is again providing up-to-date information about the Greek olive oil world. With 225 original articles, the Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil website ( has reached consumers in more than 200 countries, especially attracting readers in the USA.

Over 150 articles from have been republished by other news outlets in the USA, Australia, Canada, Greece, Spain, and internationally. This creates an even larger audience for its inside stories about the high quality, health benefits, uses, and producers of Greek extra virgin olive oil, as well as recipes, photos, and agrotourism and food tourism suggestions from Greece.

For nearly four years, the only online source of in-depth English-language reporting from and about the Greek olive oil sector that goes beyond one topic, region, or company has shared the successes of the people who work hard to make, bottle, and export this Greek national treasure.

For example, has told the stories of a ship captain who gave up his vessel to return to his family’s olive groves; Greek teachers, linguists, a lawyer, and other professionals who turned to the olive oil business; Greeks’ responses to those who believe the best olive oil comes from Italy or Spain; and a 510 euro bottle of olive oil from an ancient olive tree. has received praise from Greek and American embassies and consulates, as well as Greek olive oil professionals. The site earned Green and Silver Minoan Olive Tree awards from the Association of Cretan Olive Municipalities. And North American Olive Oil Association executive director Joseph R. Profaci claims that “Greek Liquid Gold is one of my few go-to sources for accurate news and information about olive oil.

This year, has featured articles focused on a variety of subjects: the 2nd International Yale Symposium on Olive Oil and Health in Delphi, the effects of social distancing and closures on olive oil businesses in Greece during the coronavirus pandemic, Greek olive oil companies’ support for the health and safety of consumers, workers, and communities in the time of COVID-19, and Greek women’s participation in a new international network for women who work with olive oil.

Greece produces the third most olive oil in the world in a typical year, with a larger percentage of extra virgin than any other country. Yet before was launched in 2016, Anglophones like Lisa Radinovsky had a hard time finding accurate, current information about the Greek olive oil sector. Covering Greece for Olive Oil Times in 2015, Radinovsky was surprised that she needed to get most of her news first-hand from Greek olive oil producers, bottlers, marketers, exporters, and tasters. Since she had lived in Crete with her Greek husband since 2002, she managed to do that. But most non-Greeks do not.

Radinovsky was concerned that too few consumers outside Greece were aware of the high quality of the country’s liquid gold and the stories behind it. As a former English professor accustomed to teaching, she decided to share what she had learned with the general public. She started with a Facebook page, then continued in more depth on a website she created with technical assistance from Twin Net Information Systems Ltd. With Greek olive oil losing its market share in various countries, Radinovsky strove to help Greece catch up with competitors such as Italy and Spain in outreach to consumers around the world.

Work on, which does not sell olive oil, is funded mainly by Greek olive oil companies’ advertisements on the site, with some contributions from others, including import companies outside Greece. For this work to continue (as it did not for several months this year, due to insufficient funding), additional financial support is essential. Those interested in sponsoring the site can find details under Advertise on its bottom menu.

Since Radinovsky believes no one else attempts to cover a wide variety of news from the Greek olive oil sector in English on a regular basis, she very much hopes to be able to continue her years of work on behalf of the Greeks who work with olive oil. In her opinion, international consumers should have a readily accessible, up-to-date information source dedicated to a product that has been central to the Greek economy, culture, cuisine, and history for millennia.

Now a long-term resident of Crete, Greece, Lisa Radinovsky is an American freelance writer, editor, and online advertiser with extensive experience working remotely. For more information, see her website or LinkedIn profile, or email her at

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