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Tasting, Testing and Understanding Olive Oil

In the shadow of a Medieval monastery outside of Barcelona, a world class team of olive oil experts will convene 19 – 23 March 2018 to teach an olive oil evaluation course Tools for the Trade Tasting, Testing and Understanding Olive Oil

Organized by IRTA, the Catalan institute for Research and Technology in Food and Agriculture, this five-day coursemdashtaught in Englishmdashprovides the solid foundation needed by traders and producers to make good olive oil decisions At its heart this is an olive oil sensory analysis course, but it enhances the tasting lessons with lectures on the quotwhat, why and howquot of olive oil production, health benefits, regulation, culinary uses and more The emphasis in this course is on practical information that is supported by research and experience it aims to equip you with you the toolbox you need to be a better buyer, marketer, producer, retailer, chef or aficionado of olive oil

Participants will receive a course certificate and a set of specially-produced standard defect samples to take home with them for continuing reinforcement of the lessons of the course

An array of international experts will share their olive oil knowledge and dozens of specially selected olive oils A solid foundation of olive oil sensory analysis is central to the course, with detailed instruction in tasting technique, intensity training, recognizing common defects and describing positive attributes led by Agustí Romero and Luis Guerrero of IRTA, and Alexandra Devarenne of Extra Virgin Alliance In addition there will be tasting flights highlighting premium extra virgin olive oils from numerous regions of the world, led by panel leaders and researchers like María Paz Aguilera of Citoliva in Jaen, Ana Brito Carrilho of the official Taste Panel in Lisbon, Portugal and Manolis Salivaras of Greece

The presenters include chemistry researcher Stefania Vichi of University of Barcelona, sensory scientist Erminio Monteleone of University of Florence, olive oil function researcher Rosa Lamuela of University of Barcelona, olive processing technology specialist Gabriel Beltrán of IFAPA in Andalusia and olive oil standards expert Paul Miller of Australia

Recognizing that producing good olive oil is just the first step, the course will also explore end user needs, communication and experience Culinary considerations and the challenges of marketing will be addressed by Maria Reyes of KeHE Distributors, David Neuman of Gaea North America, Rosa Vañó of Castillo de Canena and chef-researcher Jaume Biarnés of ALICIA Foundation

To learn more, visit the course website , including an overview of the program and a full list of the instructors

Comments on the value of the course
Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne Extra Virgin Alliance
For those of us who live in the New World, opportunities to taste a variety of first-rate oils from other countries can be rare This is a chance to taste great oils of the world with experts from those countriesmdashto hear their comments and insights and learn from themnbsp

The global olive oil tasting community faces a challenge because we are so widely disbursedmdashitrsquos easy to find oneself in a tasting cul de sac surrounded by the oil of your own region Learning from some of the leading tasters of other countries is an opportunity to broaden our sensory horizons and calibrate our palates outside of our usual tasting communitynbsp

There is so much fascinating research being done in the traditional producing countries on health effects, olive oil chemistry and so much more This is a great chance to hear from and meet these experts And of course there is the audience as well an international group of fellow olive oil enthusiasts that promises plenty of spirited conversation

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