International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition


The organizer of tthe International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition – Olive Japan 2014 was the Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan OSAJ Mr Toshiya Tada, Chairman and General Director of the Association, talked to our camera about the whole project

The samples were assessed by 18 judges from around the world

3 Spanish, 2 Italian, 1 Tunisian, 2 Australian, 1 New Zealander, 3 American, 1 Argentinian, 1 Israeli , 3 Japanese and 1 Greek , Ms Renia Siganou, Head of the panel of Merambello, Crete, who participated for a second time in a rownbsp


Olive oils were placed in three categories, the highest Premier medal for exceptional extra virgins, and the second and third category of gold and silver extra virgin Gold medal, Silver medal 14 extra virgin oils received the highest distinction, 150 gold medal and 92 silver medalnbsp

Greek Olive oil did not make it to the premier category, while only 9 made it to the gold medal

You can see the competition#39s results herenbsp