Friday 23 April, 2021

Tribute to Shimon Lavee

Shimon Lavee passed away, bequeathing to the olive industry a great legacy. To Greece, he came as an honored guest and lecturer at the Convention organized in 2011 by of the magazine “Elia kai Elaiolado”.

Tunisian leader to IOC

Mr. Abdellatif Ghedira of Tynisian nationality is eventually appointed as the new Executive Director of the IOC, succeeding Jean-Louis Barjol.

IOC backs a reasonable one-year extension

The International Olive Oil Council Congress came to an end and backed a one-year extension.

International EVOO Savantes

The next International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes programme will be held at Hotel Fontecruz Toledo, in Toledo, Spain on 24th-26th September 2014

Olive Japan 2014

Olive Japan 2014 completed its third year, with a remarkable number of participants from all the olive oil producing countries, old and new ones.

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