Saturday, May 21, 2022

Will Kalamata and Sitia PDOs make it to China?

I have recently read on agro24gr that the EU and China are negotiating the official and mutual recognition of 100 quotflagshipquot agricultural products 100 from the EU and 100 from China as PDO/PGI The Greek products considered are feta cheese, ouzo, Masticha Chiou, Samos wine and two olive products Kalamata Olives and Sitia Olive Oil

As far as Kalamata Olives is concerned, let#39s not get too excited The original proposal has erroneously set very limited geographical boundaries for the PDO Kalamata olives PGI Kalamata Olives with extended geographical boundaries would be a solution to this issue That is why today we are talking about just 500 tons, out of a total of 50,000 tons that are produced in Greece

In the case of Sitia Extra Virgin Olive Oil the main problem lies with the former Agricultural Bank of Greece, that has blocked the financial clearance of the Sitia Union, the organization that had originally submitted the file for PDO status, has won two IOC #39Mario Solinas#39 1st prizes and is the biggest bottler and exporter of the regionnbsp

So, in conclusion, if there is no solution to these issues, neither Kalamata Olives, nor Sitia EVOO will find their way to China

Chemist Mrs Maria Parlavantza and president Mr Manolis Vakontios receive the first IOC Mario Solinas 1st prize won by the Sitia Union in 2000

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