Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tunisia reaches 280,000 tonnes

The latest figures published by the National Olive Oil Bureau of Tunisia ONH show that the African country#39s olive oil production for the 2017/18 campaign will be 280,000 tonnes

Olivenewsgr had already informed its readers that the Tunisian production would have a significant rise olivenews#39 estimates upper limit was 270000 tonnes – The olive oil world in 2017/18, since last July and was the only Greek news outlet that did so

Timely and credible forecast is a key asset for the right commercial strategy of the professionals concerned

According to the ONH#39s figures, 110,000 tonnes of olive oil had been exported to the European market by the end of March 2018 Quantities exported in bulk provided 1128 million dinars 381 million EUR The greatest part was exported to the European market 71 of which 35,759 tonnes to Spain and 34676 tonnes to Italy

Regarding exports of packaged olive oil, 7,422 tons of packaged olive oil 977 million dinars – 33 million EUR were exported to France, which accounted for about 26, Canada 28 and the countries Gulf 15nbsp

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