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Optimism for the Olive year 2014/2015



Optimism for the Olive year 2014/2015

After a disastrous year 2013/2014, current estimates allow us to be relativelynbspoptimistic about the new olive year 2014/2015 This is the general conclusion of the Board of Olive oil Products of Certified Quality El3P

Olive Oil
Bringing all existing estimates together and excluding sudden and/ or extraordinary weather phenomena we foresee the olive oil production of the upcoming season 2014/2015 in Greece

a Overcoming last yearrsquos reduced production shock

b Returning to a total production, which is expected to be slightly reduced, yet close, to the national average Todaysrsquo estimations range up to 250-260 million

c Quality is expected to be improved in comparison with last yearrsquos results

d Reasonably, if predictions for a reduced production in Spain are confirmed,

less than one million tons versus last yearrsquos 17 million tons prices will undergo a slightly upward trend compared to last year

Table olives

Estimations are similar to olive oil After having surpassed last year#39s shock, we are now heading towards a year with a production touching the national average, possibly promising enough in areas with heavy rainfall Its quality is also high, as a result of limited attacks fruit fly etc and size slicing, especially in orchards where cultivation practices were not neglectednbspIncreased supply production will probably lead to a small reduction in price compared to last year, however the total income of oil producers is expected to

These are the data collected from varieties of Halkidiki, Konservolia, Kalamata olives and Throumpanbsp

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