Saturday, May 21, 2022

One day at Casas de Hualdo


Casas de Hualdo is a Spanish producer of best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, based in a privileged natural site at the bankside of river Tagus, in Toledo,where 300000 olive trees cohabit with a rich variety of wild life Its hard climate, with cold winters and hot summers, promotes the natural control of pests and diseases Little rainfall and modern deficit irrigation techniquesenhance the quality of the fruit and effectively slow down the excessive vigor of the trees, allowing very sophisticated oils to be obtained


In their quest for excellence, their olive oils are only made by using the olives from their own 630 ha olive grove, harvesting in the early season for green oils full of aromas


They only collect their olives from the tree, never from the ground, and bring them into the mill within 6 hours from harvest, keeping therefore our olives ldquoaliverdquo Arbequina, Picual, Manzanilla and Cornicabra are the four varieties they cultivate

Their olive oil mill was awarded as Best Oil Mill of Spain in 2012 and received the Extrascape award for the best oil olive combined to a wonderful landscapeThe tireless efforts carried out all year round are the key to the obtention of Casas deHualdo award winning elegant and balanced oils Find here the awards recently obtainednbsp

Watch a really interesting video of an ordinary day at Casas de Hualdo

For any further information you can visit Casas de Hualdo#39s website wwwcasasdehualdocom

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