Sunday 18 April, 2021

Pierluigi Tosato We want to change the olive oil Industry

The CEO of DEOLEO, Pierluigi Tosato, gives a comprehensive exclusive interview to and Olive and Olive Oil magazine: "We want to change the olive oil Industry". 

First estimations for the 2018/19 production releases the first estimations for the upcoming production of the 2018/19 crop year.

Greek snack olives conquer the USA

One of the biggest food companies in Greece has sealed an important deal with one of the largest American multinational retail corporations , placing five codes of table olives on the American market.

Tunisia reaches 280,000 tonnes

The latest figures published by the National Olive Oil Bureau of Tunisia (ONH) show that the African country's olive oil production for the 2017/18 campaign will be 280,000 tonnes.

Olive oil prices under more pressure

The latest signals coming from Spain point towards even lower producer prices. 

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