Monday, December 4, 2023

OlivaeNews, the olive-production network of Italy, Spain and Greece

We must promote the exchange of opinions and develop activities between the olive-producing countries.

The OlivaeNews network is born to defend the culture of olive oils and table olives from those who would like to homologate them with seed oils and other vegetable fats. Italy, Spain and Greece join forces to create an information co-ordination on the values of the olive tree and oil.

“The olive tree is Mediterranean culture and cultivation” says Vassilis Zampounis, editor of and president of the OlivaeNews network. “There are those who would like olive growers in different countries to face the challenges of the globalised world alone. We believe that on many issues the solutions must be common”.

OlivaeNews therefore proposes to address many topics in a coordinated manner between its member titles ( in Greece, Teatro Naturale in Italy and JuanVilar in Spain): from climate change to the oil market, to the promotion of the health and nutritional virtues of olives and table olives.

“The world of oil is expanding with cultivations having reached all continents” comments Juan Vilar, Spanish opinion leader, “but we need to be aware that oil culture has not been as quick to spread as the olive. It is not enough for consumers to know that olive oils are good for health. There is much more to value the sector”.

The OlivaeNews project is open, inclusive and wants to work alongside institutions and
associations. “Often the national producers themselves do not know that their colleagues in another country have the same problems and dilemmas as them," says Alberto Grimelli, director of Teatro Naturale. “This is the reason why there must be an exchange of opinions and projects between olive-growing countries. OlivaeNews will not stop at Spain, Greece and Italy. It wants to create a true Mediterranean network”.

In the following link you can find the article published by Teatro Naturale:

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