Tuesday, March 21, 2023

+ 280,000 tons for Greece

Even though it’s early on, especially in a delayed year like the 2019/20 crop, the first estimations place Greek production of olive oil at a minimum of 280,000 tons. The most optimistic forecasts even overcome 300,000 tons.

As it seems, it’s going to be a relatively good production, following last year’s 2018/19 catastrophic one.

The fist messages are very encouraging from the regions of Peloponnese (Laconia, Messinia), west of Greece (Ionian islands, Epirus coastlands & Sterea Hellas), central Greece and Lesbos. Contradictory are the views for Crete.

Furthermore, positive are the estimations for the Chalkidiki variety, like Konservolia (Amfissis) for table olives.

By Vassilis Zampounis

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