Sunday 18 April, 2021

Trench Greek Price at 2,85

Trench warfare in the Greek market at a price of 2.85 €/kg (CIF Italy) in the first days of the year.

Revision of olive oil balance

Four months after the initial estimations of (First estimations for the 2018/19 production) we revisit this issue with the new scenery of the biggest countries in the Mediterranean, which cover around 85% of global production.

Prices are giving a battle against time

The delayed Spanish production, for approximately one-month, will be giving Greek producers some breathing space.

Pierluigi Tosato We want to change the olive oil Industry

The CEO of DEOLEO, Pierluigi Tosato, gives a comprehensive exclusive interview to and Olive and Olive Oil magazine: "We want to change the olive oil Industry". 

First estimations for the 2018/19 production releases the first estimations for the upcoming production of the 2018/19 crop year.

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