Greece: The immediate priorities of the recently appointed Ministry of Rural Development and Food


    During the first cabinet meeting, the newly appointed Greek Minister of Rural Development and Food, Voridis Makis, received the immediate governmental priorities of the ministry, within the context of the governmental policy, from the Prime Minister, Mitsotakis Kyriakos.

    These priorities’ goal is development, with more investments and new, better jobs, along with new prospects for the agricultural sector.

    For this effort, the priorities are the following:

    • The negotiations for the new CAP
    • A new law for agricultural cooperatives
    • The tax reduction to 10% for all producer groups and cooperative schemes
    • Intensification of controls against the “Hellenization” of greek high value products. (Actions will take place in order for the food information to not be misleading, particularly as to the country of origin of the food)