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Introducing EVA


Extra Virgin Alliance Unites Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil Producers to Restore Trust in Quality

For consumers and the supply chain, Extra Virgin Alliance EVA answers the question How do I know that I am getting an authentic, quality product when I buy extra virgin olive oil?

False claims, uncertain quality, fraud and a lack of authoritative information about olive oil are undermining consumer and buyer confidence Regulatory oversight is scant or absent, and governmental enforcement difficult to render Many consumers are confused and suspicious

Under the conditions of this worldwide scenario the Extra Virgin Alliance steps in Extra Virgin Alliance is a non-profit trade association representing producers of genuine extra virgin olive oil from around the world with members thus far from six continents and nine countries EVArsquos approach is straightforwardmdashRestore trust in the marketplace by providing an assurance to the buyer through product testing and supply chain education, and consumer assurance through the EVA Mark of Quality and Authenticity

EVA is global in scope Its membership is open to extra virgin olive oil producers from anywhere who are willing to meet the EVA requirements A key element of the EVA assurance of quality is a ldquoBest Beforerdquo date based on technical data, and the pledge of member producers to stand behind that date EVA producers agree to allow third-party auditors to purchase their product from any store shelf, test it for compliance with the EVA quality parameters, and to publish the results The extra virgin olive oil in the container must exceed the EVA minimum standard as defined in the quality parameters up until the ldquoBest Beforerdquo date printed on the container

A Beacon of Quality

Member producers have the right to use the EVA mark on their EVA-compliant products in the marketplace The EVA Seal of Quality and Authenticity bears a web address that leads consumers and buyers directly to the EVA Oils list This list of qualifying oils is a rich resource, a place to learn about each one of the oils and the people who make it Each extra virgin olive oil has an information page with a flavor description, serving suggestions, the producerrsquos story, facts about the region and the olives, plus harvest dates and other technical data EVA believes that the link between the producer and the consumer is crucial to building trust, value and a lasting appreciation of this wonderful food

Building Olive Oil Culture

EVA promotes the appreciation of extra virgin olive oil and the olive oil culture through supplier and supply chain education, marketing support and direct consumer outreach using traditional and new media communication channels

The founders of EVA bring almost thirty years of experience in the olive oil industry to their work forming this non-profit association Paul Miller, Interim President, and Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne, Education, Communications and Marketing, have both been deeply involved in olive oil quality issues for years, working in standards development, industry improvement and education

EVA welcomes into its associate member ranks consumers, academics, media, industry, policy makers and merchants The involvement of our associate members gives EVA the local cultural, scientific and technical support vital to an international organization EVArsquos rich diversity of membership, and the wealth of knowledge and experience of this membership strengthens EVArsquos mission of being a global champion of genuine extra virgin olive oil


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