Sunday, October 17, 2021

EXCLUSIVE Reg29/12 overcomes WTO”s obstacle

According to olivenews#39 exclusive information by the World Trade Organization WTO, the period for objections to Commission#39s Regulation EC 29/2012 has passed without any on 20 April 2013

This means that the Reg 29/12 has overcome, without any delay, even the WTO#39s ostacle and now it only needs a European Management Committee to typically approve it and get it into implementation

imageShould be underlined that Regulation EC 29/2012 includes radical amendments on marketing standards for olive oil

Most important one is that it requires from all catering establishments restaurants, cafes, hotels to have on their tables eponymous firmly closed packaging of olive oil rather than the famous quotvinaigrettequot bottles we all know

Olivenewsgr and Olive and Olive Oil Magazine have extensively presented the issue in the recent history

Only in Greek
The big change was launched – 02/07/2013
The Action Plan of the European Commission on olive oil 19/6/2012

Issue 75
Issue 82/83

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