Introducing the OliveNet™ Library


Introducing the McCord Research OliveNettrade Library website http//wwwmccordresearchcomau The OliveNettrade library was conceived by two olive compound researchers, D Elizabeth McCord, PhD, FAPWCA and Tom Karagiannis, PhD to help others who are interested in, or currently researching olive compounds

The website provides information about many groups and subgroups of olive compounds, as well information about 752 individual compounds of interest including concentration analyses from various sources, MeSH classifications, useful external links, and extensive lists of relevant publications In addition, a Methods Book with useful molecular and cellular biology laboratory protocols, as well as Journal Clubs expert reviews of recent groundbreaking literature, and periodic, informative OliveNettrade Library Newsletters containing highlighted olive molecules, upcoming olive-related conferences and courses, and global research highlights can be found under the Resources tab on the Home Page

A New Website to Help Olive Researchers

This extremely useful website is meant to be an interactive way for olive researchers to gain information and contribute to the knowledge of other olive researchers Questions, suggestions or comments can be submitted to the website and any corrections or new information including recent publication references related to olive compounds will be added to the website upon approval

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If you would like to sign up for OliveNettrade Library updates and periodic OliveNettrade Library news that will include highlights of the latest research, literature and upcoming events, please click on the Sign Up tab at the top of the website http//wwwmccordresearchcomau Home page and enter your name and the email address where you would like to have your OliveNettrade Library news sent

We look forward to hearing from you

McCord Research is excited to share olive compound information with you We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about and/or share important olive compound related information including research publications with other scientists in your field, and we look forward to hearing from you