Saturday 20 April, 2019
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World Olive Oil Exhibition 2014

Once again, the World Olive Oil Exhibition will be a cruzial meeting point for the entire olive sector on the occasion of its 3rd edition on the coming 26th and 27th of March 2014.

Greek Diet presented at the American Congress

An event dedicated to the Greek Diet was held at the US Congress

Let a bottle of the best olive oil support and re-inspire the Greek youth...

We would like to invite you to engage in the competition RE-INSPIRE GREECE FROM THE YOUTH UP which provides a business lifeline for crisis-hit young Greeks As you are well-aware, Greece is facing unprecedented challenges...

World Bulk Oil Exhibition 2014

The World Bulk Oil Exhibition will be held on the coming 26thand 27thof March 2014 at IFEMA, and this event will bring together again the producers of quality olive oil and the world’s main. 

The World Bulk Oil Exhibition closed its 2nd edition

The World Bulk Oil Exhibition closed its 2nd edition with nearly 2000 purchasers and visitors from all over the world and increased the number of participating olive oil mills by 35%

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