Good news for the greek olive oil


Traditionally, November marks the official opening of the olive season Fortunately, this November started with some good news for the Greek olive producers

The first and the most important reason are the substantial beneficial rainfalls that occurred, even in the thirsty area of Crete Letrsquos just ignore the terrifying rumours of the news broadcasts about tornados and cycloneshellip

Moreover, a very encouraging fact is the maintenance of the prices in relatively satisfactory levels Last yearrsquos extra virgin olive oils range from 310 to 320 even 325 euro/kg in cases of extra virgin of exceptional quality ex-factory prices while lampante 5deg ranges from 265 to 267 euro/kg, however, with a very low demand

This yearrsquos fresh olive oils from the variety of Athinolia reach up to 40 to 405 euro/kg The quantities are decreased in comparison to the previous year but at least ndashand fortunately- the yields of olive fruit to olive oil is high due to the previous dry months

A few quality problems such as Gloeosporium olivarum in Western Peloponnese seem to be under control