Monday 24 June, 2019
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Prices are giving a battle against time

The delayed Spanish production, for approximately one-month, will be giving Greek producers some breathing space.

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Bears and Tigers

Sitting bears (=idleness, lack of demand, low prices) prevail in the Greek olive oil market rather than aggressive tigers (=high demand in high prices), as trading terminology would put it. This phenomenon is not only Greek but also general (with the exception of Italy).

Spain stays behind

Neither in December was the Spanish olive oil harvest able to accomplish the anticipated level of production. 



Quality Awards for Gaea’s products in this year’s “Great Taste Awards...

Gaea was honored with three top awards for the quality of its products at this year's Great Taste Awards 2012, known as the Oscars of the food industry which take place every year in the United Kingdom.



Mediterranean Diet stands test of time VIDEO

How the longest-living people on the planet are proving the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet? US TV network NECN talks with Antonia Trichopoulou, MD, PhD, President of the Hellenic Health Foundation

Η φύση είναι σοφή

Η φύση είναι σοφή και η συμβολή κάθε βιοενεργού συστατικού δεν μπορεί να εκτιμηθεί ποσοτικά. Εξάλλου, πέραν μιας συγκέντρωσης το λάδι γίνεται οργανοληπτικά μη αποδεκτό. Δεν θα υπερτιμήσουμε κάποια χαρακτηριστικά για να θάψουμε άλλα ( από τα πάρα πολλά που έχει το ελαιόλαδο).

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Bears and Tigers

Spain stays behind

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OLIVEBIOTEQ 2018 in Seville

The international conference Olivebioteq-2018, dedicated exclusively to olive tree, will be hosted in Seville, from 15th until 19th October, covering the topic “Olive management, Biotechnology and authenticity of olive products”.

Tasting, Testing and Understanding Olive Oil

"Tools for the Trade: Tasting, Testing and Understanding Olive Oil.". Olive Oil Evaluation Course, Skills and Knowledge for Olive Oil Traders, Producers, Chefs and Aficionados!

Creation of the ”Olive Encyclopedists Society”

The contributors of the "Olive Oil Encyclopedia" announced on January 23rd the creation of the "Olive Encyclopedists Society".

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