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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Handbook edited by Claudio Peri is a welcome resource for anyone who has been following the olive oil quality conversation, particularly those in the industry who are looking for practical information to help them to produce, promote, buy or sell high quality EVOO. 
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Rea Spiridou

Japanese Olive Sector

Japan, nowadays grows olive oil trees in several places within the country while at the same time the consumption keeps increasing.
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We would like to invite you to engage in the competition RE-INSPIRE GREECE FROM THE YOUTH UP which provides a business lifeline for crisis-hit young Greeks. As you are well-aware, Greece is facing unprecedented challenges that have escalated to staggering youth unemployment reaching 65%. We can prou…
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Press Release

11th Euro Fed Lipid Congress

The 11th Euro Fed Lipid Congress in 2013 will be for the first time organized by a new coming member Yabited, the Turkisch Lipid group, which only became a full member of Euro Fed Lipid in 2010. 
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