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Vasilis Zampounis

Mysteries of Xylella Fastidiosa

Since 2013,when Italy,announced a new and mostly unknown disease,Xylella fastidiosa,the European olive trees are threatened.Today,we publish an exclusive documentary,a book of 1789,which forces us to revisit this case under a different angle.
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Vassilis Zampounis

Tribute to Shimon Lavee

Shimon Lavee passed away, bequeathing to the olive industry a great legacy. To Greece, he came as an honored guest and lecturer at the Convention organized in 2011 by of the magazine “Elia kai Elaiolado”.
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Sitia Union sets its targets

 Mr. Manolis Mavromatakis, the new President of the Sitia Union in an exclusive interview  talks  with  the site administrator of Mr. Vassilis Zambounis.
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