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Vassilis Zampounis

Why extra 35,000 tons of Tunisian olive oil, are n…

The EU Parliament recently approved the Commission's proposal for increasing the limit of duty free imports of Tunisian olive oil. However this cannot be a threat for European olive producers. The political aspect is much more important
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EXCLUSIVE: Nein to olive oil and United EU.

Germany and its northern allies could not tolerate that olive oil, the product of southern Europe, would finally find its proper place that is in sealed branded small containers on the restaurant, hotel and café table
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Vasilis Zambounis

EXCLUSIVE: Reg.29/12 overcomes WTO's obstacle

According to olivenews' exclusive information by the World Trade Organization (WTO), the period for objections to Commission's Regulation (EC) 29/2012 has passed without any on 20 April. 
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