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Scientific Society of Olive Encyclopaedists (4E) officially launched

Optimism for the future of the olive sector was expressed during the constituent assembly of the “Scientific Society of Olive Encyclopaedists”, 4E (by its initials in Greek) that took place in Harokopio University on May 9th 2018. The Society aims to improve the prospects of the Greek olive sector, while shaping a better environment for the flagship products of Greece: olive oil and table olives.

Among the main objectives of the newly established Society are:
- the creation of an open forum for the protection, development and promotion of the olive sector.
- interdisciplinary collaboration of experts of all fields related to the olive industry
- cooperation among the academia, the olive industry and olive growers, and the competent entities of the State.
- connecting all producing regions of Greece and transfer knowledge to the producers, especially through the education of the younger generations of olive growers, businesspersons and professionals,
- promotion of innovation on the base of scientific research.

The founding document (Statutes) of the 4E Society is signed by 50 distinguished scientists, all experts in their respective fields with years of experience and involvement in the olive industry.

Below you can watch (in Greek) videos of the founding conference.

Aikaterini Polymerou Kamilaki, former director of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre of the Academy of Athens, President of the 4E Society

Dimitra Alieos, Economist, Sovena Group

Stavros Vemmos, Professor of Pomology, Agricultural University of Athens 

Vassilis Zampounis, Agroeconomist, Axion editions -, Director of the 4E Society 

Christina Merkouri Frangou, Chemist - Olive grower


George Boskou, Assistant Professor of Food Service Management in the Department of Nutrition-Dietetitics at Harokopio University.

Manolis Giannoulis, President of the Greek Association of Olive Pomace Oil Businesses (SPEL) - EUROLIVEPOMACE

Panagiotis Chatzinikolaou, Electrical Engineer MSc., General Secretariat for Research and Technology

Panagiotis Konstantinou, Chemist - Director of Olitecn

Visitors' comments

  • | Claudio Peri
    Congratulations for your initiative. As far as I know it's the most significant event in the olive oil sector in Europe and I'm glad of the coincidence of names: four E's is the obvious development of three E's .
  • | Lisa Radinovsky (Greek Liquid Gold)
    As I just said while linking to this article on my Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Facebook page: Welcome news; may it prosper! I hope you will let me help you share your news about future activities with the Anglophone world.

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